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Ballet Dancers

"Life is short, so make it snappy"!

Director: AJ Rogers 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah E.M.C. 

& Event D.J. (16 years with 500+events)

Competition Dance Instructor Choreographer: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Popping, Locking, Break-Dancing, Tap, Funk, Contemporary, Salsa, Country Two-Step, Tumbling. (16 years instructing dance, 10 years Director of New You Dance Center)

AJ really loves his passion. He states "Building confidence and a reason to move your body in ways you wouldn't or couldn't see yourself doing is my specialty. Most diamonds are found in the youth that don't dance. Reason being is because they have not found that inner love or passion I did as a child.  Some children and adults don't dance because they say "I don't know how". My job is to make it, embrace it, live it, love it. It is dance. That is what my teacher taught me"

AJ's eyes have it. Movement isn't just in his blood or his soul, it's in his eyes. When AJ was 8 years old, he saw a kid his age playing the drums. AJ's eyes lit up. He couldn't even blink as he didn't want to miss a single moment. It was just a year later, now infected by the groove, that he saw some dancers on a music video; no artist in particular, mind you — just dancers. His eyes again: "Yes!" At the tender age of 12, AJ began his professional journey as a self-taught hip-hopper and knew (yes, KNEW) that dancing was his future ... around the same age most kids are just getting to know Proactive. Moving forward AJ had a blessed life going to New York City every summer and over 15 US states dancing under supreme choreographers from Broadway Dance Center (BDC) and other Pulse faculty staff. Rolling his career to greater lengths he was awarded with scholarships from America's best dance crew Shane Sparks in 2006, Chris Judd 2010-2013, from Step up 1-3 Dave Scott 2007, and Brian Freedman 2003-2005 Dancing as a lead and backup dancer on each of their showcases casting in New York.  At the Prime age of 15 AJ started building his reputation in the area by teaching 7 studios within contra costa county working weekends at Dennon and Doyle as an Entertainer Master of Ceremonies (M.C. of the year 2007, best new bar/bat mitzvah dance 2008-9) for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs all over the bay area. even across California! To now owning his dream NYDC New You Dance Center.  Where he brings all of his elements under one roof. DJ Entertainment and competitive recreational dance choreography.  "I know why I started NYDC" He says with a smile "building New Yous way of dance instruction was nothing more than pursuing something I wanted, worked half my life, and saved up for, for years.  New You is not a place to change you, but to simply find that movement inside yourself." Taking a deep breath to then saying, "I choose my own music, costumes, and choreography teaching methods.  If you're within the walls of NYDC you are truly one step closer to knowing the new you me and, the New You."

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