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New You Dance Centers Mr. AJ Rogers strives to teach a mixture of artistry, athleticism and dance culture!  Helping each of our dancers grow their movement skills over the course of time. For this reason, we offer classes ranging from the Introductory to Advanced level in a variety of dance styles. Take a look at what we offer below to find the right fit for you.


These "Intro" classes we offer on our schedule are based on dancers from ages 2.5 through adult who are movers and want to take that next step and bring that emotion to the dance floor.  Mr. Aj loves breaking each movement down in an epic fun way. Using isolations and really having a gift of working one on one with each student within his group classes it can only been seen to believe.  Once you have been in the Introductory classes for 1.5 to 3 years you are ready to move forward into the techniques that Mr. Aj brings to his next levels.

***Basic Moves***

***Basic Techniques***

***Basic Flexibility and Strength exercises***

***Performs 1-2x a year***


"Inter" classes are where we bring the stage elements to every course.  The "Intro" moves are there and every day we are moving a big step forward towards our inner New You Dancer.  Intermediate classes Mr. Aj pushes his students to build their skills to start building a brand for themselves whale dancing anywhere and anytime.  The warmups in these classes bring the techniques of each style to the level of stage and competitive worthy.  Dancers with 2-5 years of experience learn from each "Inter" class they take.  The goal is adding a tool to your dance toolbox each class. Within Mr. Aj's choreography you see firsthand the difference from day one from "Intro" to "Inter" classes

***Intermediate Moves***

***Intermediate Techniques***

***Intermediate work outs including across the floor exercises and floor work***

***Intermediate Flexibility and strength exercises***

***Intermediate Choreography***

***Performs 1-3x a year***


Advanced Classes are exactly what they sound like. "Adv" is our competitive level course that trains dancers as what they are. Semi Professional Dance athletes.  Our "Adv" classes have dancers that have been dancing under Mr. Aj Rogers Direction for 5+ years. All NYDC Competitive Soloist are in these courses.  Pushing our body and mind in each class, Mr. Aj expects his students' bodies to be properly fit for this course by taking the necessary steps in the "Intro" and "Inter" classes first.  Choreographies for these courses typically take 90 minutes for Mr. Aj to choreograph 30 seconds.  An outstandingly epic achievement it is to be dancing in these courses.

***Advanced Moves***

***Advanced Techniques***

***Advanced Flexibility and Strengthen exercises***

***Advanced Choreography***

***Performs 2-4x a year***


"COMP" is where your little New You is looking for that next step to move forward in the dance industry. NYDC takes pride bringing some of the most awarded Hip-Hop Competitive routines to California Competitions and Nationals.  If you are interested in more information about our competitive team or get a 2022 competition schedule to come support NYDC Comp Team, please reach out and contact Mr. Aj for any and all needs.!?

***Required Class Schedule***

***Performs 3-5x a year***

***Competes 1-4x a year***


"MP" Mobile Privates your New You gets 100% of Mr. Aj's attention.  From adults to children Aj offers classes at the comfort of your home or a location close to you.  With respect to all your surroundings being near an outlet gets Aj the only asset he needs to teach classes from Hip-hop to wedding generation dances! Call in and get a quote today for your New You experience!

***Performs 1-2x a year***

***Custom warm-ups***

***Personalized one-of-a-kind choreography***



Introductory Dance

Get Up & Move


Intermediate Dance

Let’s Do It


Advanced Dance

On Your Feet

Classes: Classes
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