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 When designing the New You Dance Center, the safety of our dancers and staff was of the utmost importance. After hours of reseach we learned just how hard it is on the body to dance on inflexible floors; Concrete floors and other unyielding surfaces can create physical problems as they do not "give". The impact force when the foot strikes the ground will rebound off the surface and vibrate up through the body as an energy shockwave. This shockwave affects muscles and tendons, and leads to joint trauma at the ankle, knee, and hip, and can cause severe lower back problems. According to Sports Medicine experts, the body feels three times its weight in pressure with each foot-fall while running, and up to seven times its weight when it jumps! Jumping and dancing on a non-floating floor can result in shockwave trauma, shin splints, sprains or worse.

Knowing this is one of the major reasons that NYDC set out to find the best solutions for its dancers.


  We found that a good Sprung/Lifted (or "floating") dance floor absorbs energy and returns just a small portion back to the dancer. It provides an even and consistent resiliency. A sprung floor is suspended above an existing hard surface, and glued in place using specialty materials designed to absorb shock. Because they require multiple specialized materials and multi-step installation, Sprung/Lifted floors are very expensive to install. At NYDC, we knew the safety of our dancers was our top priority, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, you will find that many other studios skip this important step due to the high cost. Before you sign up for classs at any dance studio, ask if they have Sprung/Lifted floors. Any person who is jumping or engages in intense physical activity needs a sprung floor. Please come in and see our beautiful floors in our brand new studio, and and check out our sample showing how they were built!

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